Regina Sofia was born from the desire to revive the dishes of the ancient Campania tradition. Ours is a cuisine inspired by typical flavors and values, enriched by the best ingredients of the Cilento area.


Our pizza is based on the true Neapolitan recipe, with an inimitable taste. To make it, we mix stone-ground wholemeal flour with the renowned Caputo flour of refined wheat.


Our sensitivity to gluten intolerance has led us to create a safe and innovative project. An area dedicated to gluten-free for the preparation of pizzas and our dishes.


Who we are

The name “Regina Sofia” was born on a beautiful day in our family restaurant, where we used to exclusively serve seafood. One day, we had the unexpected visit of the actress Sophia Loren. She requested to accompany her dish with a pizza focaccia, but since we didn’t have a wood-fired oven, we ordered a focaccia from a nearby pizzeria. She ate it but realized the deception and jokingly said, “O Napulitan se fa sicc ma nun mor” (A Neapolitan can be fooled but won’t die) and smiled. In response, we said, “We will open a restaurant with a wood-fired oven and name it Regina Sofia!”

The restaurant-pizzeria Regina Sofia was born in Bologna from the idea of a group of young entrepreneurs from the South, aiming to revive the authentic flavors of the best Neapolitan cuisine in the capital of Emilia-Romagna. Inspired by the values that embody Campanian tradition and enriched by the unmistakable taste of the finest local ingredients, all the dishes at Regina Sofia in Bologna are a triumph of flavors and aromas.

Discover ours


At the basis of our vision is the desire to combine modernity and memory, rediscovering the recipes of the true Cilento and Neapolitan tradition, favoring and enhancing the excellence of the Campania region and beyond.

The pizza, prepared according to the ancient tradition, occupies a prominent place in our culinary offer. As well as the fish that always arrives fresh through the Italian supply chain with several weekly discharges.
At the Regina Sofia the recipe of the real Neapolitan pizza is followed, from the choice of ingredients to the cooking in the oven, made by Neapolitan master craftsmen.


We offer delicious appetizers, tastings, fried foods and traditional entrées to share with the whole table while waiting for your dish. A ritual, more than a simple appetizer, in full Neapolitan style.


We prepare the real Neapolitan pizza respecting ancient traditions and fundamental rules of bread-making such as careful measurement of the temperatures of the ingredients, leavening and maturation.


All the craftsmanship, experience, passion and Cilento tradition blend with the best raw materials and the inspiration of our Chefs: very fresh and top quality fish meets both traditional and innovative preparations.


We offer our customers meat dishes prepared with care, passion and creativity by our Chefs. Regina Sofia is a tribute to good food: a place to rediscover forgotten recipes and experiment with new ones.

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raw material

We are artisans of true Campania cuisine but also attentive innovators, our recipes come to life thanks to the synthesis of these attitudes. Our dishes are prepared with raw materials of the highest quality. Our cuisine stands out for the vastness of the proposals and for 90% Campania and Cilento products, such as the San Marzano tomato, the Paestum DOP buffalo mozzarella or the Agerola fiordilatte, the Piennolo del Vesuvio tomato, the Paestum artichokes , Cilento EVO oil, Gragnano pasta and many other products. In our restaurant-pizzeria you will find dishes prepared to perfection.

About us


"Restaurant in a quiet street in Bologna, easy to reach. The staff is very courteous and exhaustive in recommending courses. The very nice chef takes the time to briefly explain his dishes, making sure that they are to the liking of the customers. We have tried an appetizer and a first course each, excellent quality, both in terms of ingredients and preparation. The homemade dessert was very good and the chef also brought us samples of other desserts so as not to miss anything. I was impressed, as well as by the quality, courtesy and kindness shown, increasingly rare today. It is a place where you can spend from 20 euros upwards, but I absolutely recommend it if you want to enjoy good dishes in a calm and relaxed environment."


"I already knew this place for previous excellent experiences, but only for the pizza. For some time working in the historic center of Bologna, I approached it during the lunch break. I believe that the excellent experiences of other customers must absolutely be shared as I have had way to taste other dishes especially based on fish. We are talking about an excellent base made of excellent raw materials, and absolutely not to be underestimated cooked with experience and passion. So they are absolutely deserved five stars both from the point of view of quality, and of the "excellent value for the price, which let's not forget when we talk about fish, it should be suspicious if it's too low. The only hope is that it will continue like this. One of your lunch break customers."


"An excellent, almost perfect experience in this place. All very good and top quality, The staff very kind and welcoming. I ordered some simple pizzas and a typical Neapolitan appetizer, as you can see in the photo. Perfect food, perfect place, pleasant environment. The only flaw is that some tables wobble because the bricks of the street are not that great. Well done guys, keep it up!"




We use top quality raw materials such as: caputo flour, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, fior di latte from Agerola or buffalo mozzarella, Parma ham, fiorucci salami, igp mortadella, tuna or n'duja callipo, and many other top quality.


A large variety of products, pizzas, panuozzi, side dishes, sweets and even bars and wines


Delivery Zones
Zona 1 0,00 €
Zona 2 3,90 €
Minimum order €20


Discover our timetables on the website and come and pick up the dishes you like best.
We are waiting for you!


Via Clavature 1/c,




From June to September
MON-SUN 12:00 - 23:30

From October to May
MON-FRI 12:00 - 15:30 and 19:00 - 23:30
SAT-SUN 12:00 - 23:30


+39 051 221142